GM Hoyer heats up the Hot Stove season


(Photo by Stephen Green)

Sporting brown eyes and brown hair with a touch of salt and pepper at the sides, 39-year-old Jed Hoyer gives firm but friendly answers to the media and comes off as an approachable person. He’s also the fifth-sexiest GM in baseball, according to a very entertaining article from’s Big League Stew.

After Athletics free agent signee Hiroyuki Nakajima called general manager Billy Beane “cool and sexy” during his introductory press conference,  the baseball blog unveiled its rankings for the sexiest general managers in baseball. Click the link for the complete list.

1 Comment

This cracks me up b/c it says he is the 5th sexiest GM?? C’mon, really?
I don’t care if he looks like SHREK… as long as he gets the job done!

AND THAT is why the baseball world needs more FEMALES–actually more MOMMAS– in the front offices and top admin jobs.

We would just say–hey–we love ’em all the same and equally–and stop bickering about it–go out and do your job! NOW! or go to your room!


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