Day two of the bunting competition


(Photo by Stephen Green)

The first round of the bunting competition continued Tuesday, and the crowd was a little bigger than normal because new reliever Kyuji Fujikawa was on the docket. Fujikawa has about a dozen members of the Japanese media following his every move in the early days of camp.

Unfortunately, his stay in the tourney was short-lived. He struggled to keep the ball in the scoring zones and was eliminated by pitcher Blake Parker.

Manager Dale Sveum, who has been doing the majority of the pitching during the competition, added a little excitement to the proceedings when he buzzed a few batters up and in. As the tourney progressed, his delivery and location became more erratic, which prompted a few catcalls from the players. He was eventually relieved on the mound by Franklin Font.

“I’ve got a pretty good blister, and I just wasn’t even feeling the ball too much,” Sveum said. “I threw a little bit too much to the front office the other day, and my finger is a little bit raw.”

In other Tuesday first-round matchups:

Jeff Samardzija defeated Rafael Dolis

Michael Brenly defeated Dioner Navarro

Jaye Chapman defeated Carlos Villanueva

Brent Lillibridge defeated Brad Nelson

Darnell McDonald defeated Josh Vitters

Brett Jackson defeated Welington Castillo

Alberto Cabrera defeated Cory Wade by default (Wade was a no-show)

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My pick to win the tourney this year is Lillibridge! I love the scrappy players!

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