First Pitch/Seventh-Inning Stretch Lineup: 6/21-6/23


Actor Joe Mantegna will be throwing out the first pitch and singing the seventh-inning stretch on Sunday, June 23. (Photo by Stephen Green)

The Cubs are at home this weekend for a quick three-game set with the former division rival Houston Astros. If you’re headed out to Wrigley Field, here are your first pitch and seventh-inning stretch lineups:

Friday — 6/21
Joel Murray (Actor and emcee for the 2nd Annual Hot Stove Cool Music Chicago benefit concert at the Metro)

Saturday — 6/22
Christian Madsen, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Amy Newbold (Cast members from Divergent, an upcoming film release currently shooting in Chicago)

Sunday — 6/23
Joe Mantegna (Actor, Chicago native)


Please stop this blatant pandering. You have sucked all the warmth out of a once beloved tradition. Harry’s legacy deserves so much better treatment than this
Thank You,
Don Marr
Boulder CO


Chill. Nobody could ever replace Harry so the variety is much appreciated. Enjoy your single A baseball or whatever it is you have in Boulder, CO.


Ronny Woo-Woo

Do away with this horrible tradition. Get the video board already with a video of Harry doing it. This should not be the focus of a home series as this is. Ridiculous.

Love this! As long as you don’t bring back Ozzy.

Don, I agree with you. Most of the “singers” are either selling something or appearing locally and it’s just a way for cheap/free publicity. If they want to continue the 7th Inning tradition, why not just let the broadcasters (tv and radio) do it. Or show a video of Harry. Ronny, here in Peoria, we have the Chiefs and what they’ve been doing for years has been to show a video of Harry singing. And with your answer, Ronny, if you are the real Ronny Woo-Woo, there’s no need for sarcasm or insults. And, your routine is getting old too….it’s actually annoying and distracting to fans who are trying to watch the game..and this is a fact, not an insult. And if Don lives in Boulder, he probably follows the Rockies…good team and nice ballpark….playing better than the Cubs right now too.

Joe Mantegna… what a down to earth great guy. I met Joe on the Movie set when he was acting in the movie “Edward” with William H. Macy in L.A. My friend Mike & I made sure to wear our Cubs jackets/shirts/hats knowing what a Cub fan Joe is. He approached us and we sparked up a conversation and he invited us to have lunch with him at his restaurant “Taste Chicago.” Good food, good conversation sitting & eating outside the restaurant. Tell’em
Murph & Mike say “Hey!” We’ll be watching!!!
Tim Murphy
Buffalo Grove IL

The best part of the game I hate to miss it Keep it up

Jeff… Please go join Don in Boulder. You could room together and take shifts keeping kids off your lawn. I love the suggestions here. Yes let’s build a giant jumbotron so we can be subjected to advertising the entire game as opposed to having a local celebrity and the occasional big time celebrity sing a song. Brilliant idea to follow the lead from a minor league squad; perhaps they could also enlist the services of the San Diego Chicken. I love it the way it is. Both being at the park and watching on TV. It’s interesting, sometimes, hearing some of these people talk about a game that I love, baseball. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

Sorry Jeff.. Directed toward Rick

Joe mantegna has a lot of nerve peddling the food he does in Burbank, CA. “Taste Chicago”…. perhaps the worst representation of chicago style street food. A true Chicagoan would be ashamed to stand behind this restaurant.

I love this tradition and it is like Honoring Harry. Especially when it is a true Cub fan that sings it. Like Jim Belushi, Joe Mantegna. They are true Cubs fans from Chicago land area. I hate missing this part. When I lived in the area and got to go to thousands of games my friends would always go to the bathroom during this or while the cubs played after. I went top of the 8th.
Keep it up..
And Ronny Woo woo Miss you lots. You gave me a good birthday that time you spent the day with me at the game wish I would have been able to spend the night before with you, Brooke and Denise. Sounds like you guys had fun…..

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Why would people take the time to complain about something like this? It’s a great marketing tool, no one is denying that, but it’s also a unique tradition. When other teams are just playing recorded music or some other boring activity, the Cubs are doing something original. I like listening to these singers on the radio and TV before and after they sing. There’s no way you could always get the perfect authentic Cubs fan to sing, but now and then it’s good to see somebody like Bill Murray. I agree with Ronny Woo Woo.

“Taste of Chicago” in Burbank even screwed up the Chicago Hot Dog. I won’t discredit his Chicago roots, but, he’s making a buck by selling food on his name, and it’s awful.

And, the reason people complain about this tradition is because while it’s one thing to see known Chicago Celebs and known Cubs fans sing the song, it’s an embarrassment when it’s a marketing campaign with ‘celebs’ who are NOT familiar with Chicago. I remember being there one day a decade ago and not being able to explain to a visitor why Tae-Bo inventor Billy Banks was singing the stretch. I’ve heard in-booth interviews with people who have clearly never been to Wrigley (and perhaps ANY ballpark) before.

You want to bring Jeff Garlin out to sing it? Fine. But, leave Kelly Pickler or Jeff Gordon out of it. This movie crew for Saturday? What are the odds that these are people who could pick Ryne Sandberg out of a lineup? How many of them do you think could pick Starlin Castro out of a lineup? They’re doing it to promote a movie. And, THAT is why people hate this played out tradition. The people that don’t belong taint the whole experience.

Replace the present scoreboard with the proposed video. In a few years Cub fans won’t even miss the old scoreboard.

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