From the Pages of Vine Line: Q&A with IF Logan Watkins


(Photo by Stephen Green)

Cubs 2012 Minor League Player of the Year Logan Watkins got his first taste of the big leagues this season after a late-August call-up from Triple-A Iowa. Vine Line caught up with the infielder to talk about his 2012 accomplishments, making his major league debut, what it’s like to spell a Gold Glover and much more. For more information on the Cubs, check out the October issue of Vine Line.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR  That was awesome. Jed [Hoyer], Theo [Epstein] and all those guys, they inherited a lot of us. Just knowing they recognized me as someone they wanted to have stick around and that they like the way I play meant a lot to me confidence-wise.

DAY BY DAY  I had no expectations for this year. I’m just going to keep doing what I was doing. Triple-A is a lot different than Double-A. You get a lot more older, seasoned veteran guys you play with, so I was adjusting to that. Getting called up, that’s obviously what you work for. I started with the Cubs, and I want to make it with the Cubs.

GETTING TO KNOW YOU  [The offseason Rookie Development Program] just helped me get used to Chicago, so I knew what I was walking into when I got called up. I knew a lot of the staff, a lot of these clubhouse guys, and I knew a lot of the people. It helped make the transition process a lot easier.

BIG LEAGUE WELCOME  In rookie ball, I played with [Junior] Lake and [Starlin] Castro, so I knew [those guys]. Being in big league camp was probably the biggest help, because I knew everybody here. It’s kind of different when you walk onto the team, and you don’t know anybody. But when you feel like you know everybody, it’s a lot more comfortable, and everyone was really welcoming.

GAME ONE  It was crazy. It was a Sunday day game too, so it was a pretty good crowd. They just threw me into the fire right away. [They said], “The first day here, you’re starting.” Yeah, it was crazy. It’s something I’ll never forget.

HIT PARADE  [My first hit] was a good at-bat. It was a full count, and it was a tough spot in the game. There were guys on base, and we needed to keep the rally going. I got a—it wasn’t a line drive or anything—but it was a hit, and I’ll take it.

IN A PINCH  A lot of the guys who pinch-hit nowadays in the major leagues are veteran guys that have been around and know the kind of pitcher they’re going to step in on, so they’re ready right away. I’ve stepped in on some really good pitching that I’ve never seen before, and it’s hard to be aggressive in those situations. It’s something I’ve been learning to do.

GOLDEN ADVICE  I watch Darwin [Barney] a lot, because I’ve known him for a few years now and really like watching him play. But [the veterans] are always just telling me, “Don’t worry about anything. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Have good at-bats and stay level. Don’t live and die with one at-bat when you’re pinch-hitting, because it will drive you crazy if you do.”

MY MENTOR  Me and Darwin are obviously good friends. There’s a reason a lot of people are wearing Darwin Barney shirts around here, because he means a lot to this city. I’m just sitting back and watching him mostly and asking him questions when I need to know something. There’s a lot to learn from a guy like him.



Logan: Although your attitude is outstanding, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to make the Cubs 2014 major league roster.

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