The Cubs unveil their new mascot, Clark


Kids, meet Clark, the Cubs’ new mascot.

The Cubs will introduce the organization’s first official team mascot Monday evening when Clark visits children at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s Pediatric Development Center. He will make his debut alongside more than a dozen Cubs prospects who are currently participating in the Rookie Development Program.

“The Cubs are thrilled to welcome Clark as the team’s official mascot,” said Cubs Senior Director of Marketing Alison Miller. “Clark is a young, friendly Cub who can’t wait to interact with our other young Cubs fans. He’ll be a welcoming presence for families at Wrigley Field and an excellent ambassador for the team in the community.”

After consistently hearing through survey feedback and fan interviews that the Cubs needed more family-friendly entertainment, the team surveyed fans and held focus groups to determine the interest in and benefits of introducing an official mascot. The appetite for more family-friendly initiatives became clear, and the concept of a mascot who interacts in the community, engages with young fans and is respectful of the game was widely supported.

Clark will play a big role in the Cubs Charities’ mission of targeting improvement in health and wellness, fitness, and education for children and families at risk. Young fans can see him at the Cubs Caravan, Cubs On the Move Fitness Programs, hospital visits and other Cubs events.

On game days, Clark will greet fans as they enter Wrigley Field, and he’ll stop by the Wrigley Field First Timer’s Booth to welcome new guests. The mascot will also help kids run the bases on Family Sundays.

The young Cub will interact with fans at Wrigley Field all season long at Clark’s Clubhouse, where he’ll spend most of his time during Cubs games.


Most everyone I know is negative on Clark. Why do we need a Clark?
Why doesn’t he have any pants? Some Red Sox fans suggest he got his pants beaten off. Other comments are not as generous and wonder about Clark working with children while not wearing any pants. I am a season ticket holder and a Cub fan for over 50 years so I am in your court. But I don’t get it.

It is pretty moderate already.

What dies being moderated mean? Where are the rest if the comments?

There should be 2 mascots. A male bear named Clark, and a female bear named Addison. Just an idea. Maybe Addison can be phased in next year. It would be something for young female fans to relate to.

He should be called “Gabby” after Hall of Fame catcher Leo “Gabby” Harnett!! After all Clark MUST be a catcher, they are the only players that wear their caps backwards! If not I prefer “Billy Cub” because at least he wears his helmet the right way!!!!! So get rid of “Clark” and keep “Old Style”!!!!!!

There should be only one Mascot, A world series win

Marketing people have to justify their existence with something new. How did this one get past the owners? What an awful mistake to inflict on Cub fans.

A “mascot” is the biggest off season news from the Cubs. What a joke. 105 years of waiting for an organization to win and we get a frickin’ mascot with a hat on backwards and no pants.

How in the world can the CUBS present a mascot to the fans that does not even know how to wear a baseball cap properly? I was always under the impression that the brim of the cap was meant to keep the sun out of the players eyes. Maybe I was wrong and that the brim is meant to protect long hair from the sun. The mascots cap on backwards is just like the team going backwards. I can not wait until Major League Baseball starts having all their players wearing their caps backwards. Way to go “Clark Grizwold.”

IMHO, the Cubs should have based the mascot on one of the vintage versions:

the current one will get old fast

I mean, seriously, are you people high or something? A Mascot, why not Ribby or Rhubarb, the former Sox Mascots? Mascots are stupid. A ballclub with a chance to win is what is needed. You need something to connect with the young fans? Its not a mascot. At what it costs to go to a game, parents can take their kids to Great America to interact with large stuffed animals. How the new owners can claim to be longtime Cubs fans is beyond me at the moment. 3 years of bad teams, steadily getting worse, no hope for better and a ballpark remodelling that ‘never seems to start’. The owners seem to be more concerned about real estate and trying to get crap for free then the ball club. Why is it, that Mark Cuban was deemed inappropriate by MLB again? Its a sad day when I think the White Sox organization has it more together then the Cubs.

What a complete and total embarrassment>> I thought Fredbird was a joke! At least you kept up with the redneck chickens from St, Louis in one form. Nice offseason pick up!

I think Clark is great. What a wonderful mascot for the Cubs. A cub game has always been a wonderful family activity. Clark will be a wonderful addition for young families to enjoy. Go Cubs in 2014 and WELCOME CLARK.
Grandma Hosty

The way I see it, Clark has obviously been focus grouped to death. It’s to the point where there’s no originality or anything at all interesting about him. I’m not thrilled about having a mascot, but if we need to have one, it would be nice to have something like the Philly Phanatic or the San Diego Chicken, who I believe is no longer employed by the Padres. I mean, even a pin striped Rod Blagojevich mascot would be better.

I have a hard enough time keeping my 5year old boy’s pants on him and now we have a mascot with no pants as an example! Thanks Mr. Ricketts!

Seriously people get a grip. I have been a Cubs fan for 39 years. The first few years by birth. The rest by choice. As a parent of 4 boys why not a mascot. I have 2 who have chosen the dark side partly because they thought Southpaw was cool as little kids. I have a 3 year old son. If having a mascot helps the little ones be life long Cubs fans why complain????? We have enough to complain about in our lives…. Taxes…..crime……taxes……. Enjoy the little things I say!!!

BRING BACK THE GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Embarassing!!!! We are already the laughing stock of the MLB and no this. I just hope that next offseason the front office works on putting a winning team on the field instead of a cartoon mascot off the field.

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