1000 Words: Baez’s near miss

Spring Training Chicago Cubs

(Photo by Stephen Green)

Cubs top prospect Javier Baez just misses a soft line drive off the bat of fellow shortstop Starlin Castro in the top of the third inning of Wednesday’s intrasquad game at Cubs Park in Mesa, Ariz.


C’mon, guys. If you want to ditch the “loveable loser” moniker, please, please, please, for the love of Hack Wilson, please stop blogging things like this – a mistake. Or like the previous video of Cubs players talking about their most embarrasing mistakes on the field. The Cubs have not been good for most of the past 105 years. We know this. We don’t need reminders. I love the Cubs. They are my team. Always have been, always will be. But I hate losing. Let’s showcase some of the things they are doing right. There have to be some, right? Right??? Please show the positive…or don’t blog at all.

You know the saying “You learn from your mistakes”? We just keep learning and learning! Maybe this 2014 season will put all that good learning to use! :))

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