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Now Playing: Cubs Clinic with Dave McKay

Reading a pitcher’s move is an essential part of facilitating the running game and jump-starting the offense. According to Cubs first base coach Dave McKay, proper execution of the skill comes down to three key elements: establishing a fixed spot to observe the pitcher, knowing the pitcher’s habits and extending the coach’s box.

“I heard it said one time, ‘This guy’s as boring as a first base coach,’ but not anymore,” McKay said. “First base coaches, they have a job to do over here.”

For the May issue of Vine Line, McKay showed us what he watches for from a pitcher and how he helps Cubs base runners. For more insider access to the team, subscribe to Vine Line. And read the complete story in the May issue, which also features articles on the Cubs core, Carlos Villanueva and the Committed campaign.

Now Playing: Cubs Clinic with Tony Campana

The ability to steal bases consistently puts pressure on opposing defenses and allows runners to get into scoring position without the benefit of a hit. And no one does it better than Tony Campana. The Cubs center fielder is currently tied for the major league lead in stolen bases at 24 with Dodgers speedster Dee Gordon. But Campana has only 143 at-bats to Gordon’s 274. In other words, Campana knows how to swipe a bag.

For the July issue of Vine Line, Campana showed Cubs fans how he does it by getting a good lead, keeping an eye on the pitcher and using proper footwork. For more insider access to the Cubs, subscribe to Vine Line. And read the complete story in the July issue, which also features articles on the likely Cubs All-Stars, the legacy of Kerry Wood and the fans’ all-time best Cubs lineup.

Now Playing: Cubs Clinic on turning two

Those of you watching last night’s game saw the keystone combination of Darwin Barney and Blake DeWitt following exactly the advice in this brand-new Cubs Clinic: Get the sure out. It also helps to have a terrific defender like Barney robbing hits on the left side of the diamond. Get tips on turning the double play in this extra look inside our September edition of Vine Line. Don’t miss it: Subscribe to Vine Line today.