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DJ LeMahieu’s big-league introduction

While DJ LeMahieu wasn’t truly called up to Chicago until Monday, he got his first taste of the big leagues back in January, as a part of the Cubs Caravan and Cubs Convention. Vine Line trailed the 2009 second-round pick through a chilly week and published his first-hand experience this past March. The following are a few tidbits from that Cubs Crossover story.

DJ LeMahieu at Cubs Caravan 2011

“Obviously it’s fun when people recognize you, but being around some of the big-league guys in Arizona and in Chicago, you kind of get a taste of how they live and what they go through. That comes with being a ballplayer, and it’s something I look forward to.”

DJ LeMahieu at Cubs Caravan 2

“We did a Q&A session at a music and arts school. They did a presentation for us and sang some songs. You were once in their shoes as a kid, and now I’m in the Cubs organization playing professional baseball. It was great to see how excited they were when Cubs players come see them.”