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The 2009 Cubs season opener is here!

Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgIt’s not quite Opening Day for us at Wrigley Field, but that’s a good thing — freezing winds along with yesterday’s mix of hail and slushy snow would have made this a miserable afternoon game. In fact, today’s game on the South Side already was postponed.

Today we welcomed back a few of our clubhouse personnel, who will be busy setting up both the home and visitors locker rooms as well as moving in equipment trucked back from Arizona. It’s a big task, and I’m sure the staff is happy that they have a few extra days before things start here at Wrigley Field.

Some of our baseball operations department has returned to our cozy front office — always a nice welcome back and an opportunity to wish the best for the 2009 season. Our player development personnel have stayed in Arizona or moved on to our affiliates’ sites, as minor-leaguers receive their assignments for the start of the season. Of course, general manager Jim Hendry and assistant general manager Randy Busy have accompanied the team for the first road trip.

In Vine Line land, we’ve been hard at work producing the array of official Cubs publications that will be hitting next Monday. I recently traveled to the Kansas City area to supervise our official souvenir program, CUBS2009, going to print. We also wrapped up our monthly game-day Scorecard EXTRA, which you can pick up every day at the ballpark for opponent previews, short features and, of course, an official scorecard. Now it’s back to preparing our next issue of Vine Line along with wrapping up a number of Opening Day projects.

That has kept the blogging light for the past couple weeks, but we are happy to now expand on some of the features we debuted during spring training. What have you enjoyed of our content this spring? What features would you like to see added? Let us know all season long. And most of all, enjoy your 2009 Chicago Cubs!

— Sean Ahmed