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Actor, director and musician Gary Sinise was born on the South Side of Chicago, but that didn’t stop him from rooting for the Cubs teams of his youth—teams that featured greats like Ron Santo, Ernie Banks and Fergie Jenkins. The Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor, who now stars in CSI: NY, never misses a chance to visit Wrigley Field and definitely knows how to fire up the crowd with a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

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Seventh-inning stretch lineup

Jay Cutler and Khalil Bell of the Chicago Bears both gave memorable seventh-inning stretch performances over the weekend. If you’re headed out to Wrigley for the three-game set with the Marlins, here’s your seventh-inning stretch lineup:

  • Tuesday, July 17 – Jim Belushi / actor, Chicago native
  • Wednesday, July 18 – Andre Dawson / Cubs great, Hall of Famer and State Farm ad star (First Pitch: Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis / actors, stars of the upcoming film The Campaign)
  • Thursday, July 19 – Gary Sinise / actor and Chicago native

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Coming Up: Seventh-Inning stretch singers as Cubs host Marlins

Gary Sinise sings the stretch in 2006. (Photo by Stephen Green)

Here’s a current listing of the seventh-inning conductors for this week:

  • Thurday, July 14. Patrick Stump / Musician, Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes
  • Friday, July 15. Barry Weiss / Star of A & E’s “Storage Wars”
  • Saturday, July 16. Andre Dawson / Hall of Fame Outfielder
  • Sunday, July 17. Gary Sinise / Actor

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