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Making an impact worthy of No. 42



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“A life is not important except in its impact on other lives.” — Jackie Robinson

Yesterday, the Cubs’ community affairs department hosted four local Jackie Robinson Foundation scholars — (from left to right) Troy White of Northern Illinois University, Jasmyne McDonald of Northwestern University, and Artis Lewis and Lauryn Nwampka of the University of Chicago. They were an impressive bunch of students, all articulate and passionate about Robinson’s impact as well as active themselves in social causes.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgWhite even was drafted by the Indians, in the 48th round last summer, but instead decided to pursue a college education that might allow him to someday play professional baseball or bring an academy to inner-city youth. His scholarship is now sponsored by MLB and the Chicago Cubs.

And they all were thankful for the scholarships, networking and educational opportunities afforded to them by the organization, founded by Robinson’s widow, Rachel. All four scholars were honored on the field prior to yesterday’s game along with Derrek Lee, Milton Bradley and Joey Gathright.

_S8O2431BLOG.jpgRead the scholars’ own words on Jackie Robinson’s impact:

“It’s a game I love to play. [Robinson] talked a lot about life. There’s a lot more important things in life than just baseball. … In a way, he’s helped me be drafted. There are not many black athletes playing baseball. I feel a sense of pride to go out and play baseball and play it the best I can and conduct myself with dignity and pride off the field.” — Troy White


Cubs sign speedster Joey Gathright

Looking to bolster the team’s athleticism on the bench, the Cubs today agreed to terms with outfielder Joey Gathright. The Kansas City Royals had non-tendered the 27-year-old last Friday, as he was arbitration-eligible for the first time.

A left-handed hitter, Gathright can burn down the line: He has been officially clocked at 3.3 seconds from home to first on a bunt. Career, he is a .263 hitter in 399 major-league games and has a 74 percent success rate on stolen bases.

Lou Piniella managed Gathright for two seasons, 2004-05, while in Tampa Bay.