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1000 Words: Happy Memorial Day


As Memorial Day weekend approaches, let’s take a moment to thank our troops for all they do—and all they have done—for our country. Prior to joining the North Siders in 1953, “Mr. Cub,” Ernie Banks, spent two years in the United States Army during the Korean War. Former Cubs pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander also served in the Army during World War I.

1000 Words: Happy Memorial Day

Challenger at Wrigley Field

Challenger visited Wrigley Field on Memorial Day 2010. (Photo by Stephen Green)

1000 Words: Stars, stripes and W’s

W and American Flag

It’s a warm Memorial Day weekend for baseball at Wrigley Field. (Photo by Stephen Green)

The Chicago Cubs salute our troops

Matt Garza and Carlos Pena with the U.S. Army

This Memorial Day weekend, the entire Chicago Cubs family and Vine Line would like to thank U.S. troops everywhere for their service to our country. The following story is condensed from Chicago Sun-Times beat writer Gordon Wittenmyer’s cover story from the April issue of Vine Line.

If Matt Garza looks especially intense at times on the mound, or especially busy behind the scenes, or even a little strong-willed at times, it might have something to do with lessons from his dad.

Rudy Garza, an Army officer and career military man who had stressed the values of hard work and accountability in his kids since they were small, did tours of duty in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Watch "The Reinforcements"“He made sure we stayed in one spot so that we had a normal upbringing and could play sports and stuff like that,” Matt said of avoiding the sometimes nomadic life of a military family. “But we weren’t raised with a lot of things, so we had to take pride in what we had and what we do. We were taught to always work hard, nothing was ever given to us, and nothing was ever going to be given to you. Just keep working, keep working and stay determined until you get it.”