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Cubs announce that Mike Quade will not be back in 2012

This afternoon, the Cubs organization released a statement that there will be a managerial change under the new Theo EpsteinJed Hoyer regime that began last week. Below is the full release:

CHICAGO – Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein this afternoon released the following statement after traveling to Florida to inform manager Mike Quade that he would not return to the club for the 2012 season.

“Jed Hoyer and I had an all-day meeting with Mike last Thursday at Wrigley Field, and Mike and I continued our dialogue with a lengthy phone conversation yesterday after the press conference. Today, I flew to Florida to inform Mike in person that the Cubs have decided not to bring him back as our manager for the 2012 season.

“When I joined the Cubs last week, I knew that Mike had a reputation as an outstanding baseball guy, as a tireless worker, and as a first-rate human being. After spending some time with him this past week, it became apparent to me that Mike’s reputation is well deserved. His passion, knowledge of the game, commitment, and integrity stood out immediately. While Mike is clearly an asset to any organization and any major league staff, Jed and I believe that the Cubs would benefit long-term from bringing in a manager for 2012 who can come in with a clean slate and offer new direction.

“The managerial search process begins immediately. We are looking for someone with whom and around whom we can build a foundation for sustained success. The next manager must have leadership and communication skills; he must place an emphasis on preparation and accountability; he must establish high standards and a winning culture; he must have integrity and an open mind; and he must have managerial or coaching experience at the major league level.

“I want to thank Mike for his nine years of excellent service to the Cubs, and we certainly wish him well in the future.”

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In the Dugout with Mike Quade video

Click image to play the newest edition of “In the Dugout with Mike Quade.”

Sit in the dugout with Cubs skipper Mike Quade, who joins Vine Line for a mid-August Q&A. It’s more exclusive coverage you can only get with the official monthly magazine of the Chicago Cubs.

A pitch for philanthropy

Illustration by Jerry Neumann, and story by Jordan Ramos. Featured in the upcoming September 2011 edition of Vine Line.

Several Cubs players have new boots in their closets, but these kicks are much more than they appear to be at first glance.

Randy Wells, Kerry Wood, Ryan Dempster, Andrew Cashner, Jeff Baker, Jeff Samardzija and Mike Quade are all part of the Boot Campaign, an initiative created by five Texas women that supports injured American soldiers. The inspiration came from the book Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, in which author Marcus Luttrell recounts Operation Redwing, an ill-fated mission to kill a high-ranking Taliban official in 2005.

Wells was introduced to Luttrell in the offseason.

“When I went down to the charity event and saw how much this book touched so many people, I got it and read it,” said Wells, who wore the boots in spring training. (more…)

Music Issue extra: Cubs Countdown

Perhaps the next Wrigleyville Block Party, Aug. 19-21, could play this Cubs Countdown of top hits. (Photo by David Banks)

In honor of Vine Line‘s first-ever Music Issue this month, we thought it would be fun to see what the Billboard Top 100’s number 1 song was at the time of some of your favorite Cubs players’ births:

  • When Darwin Barney was born on Nov. 8, 1985, the country was jamming to “Part-Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder.
  • “Southern Nights” by Glen Campbell was the number 1 song when Ryan Dempster, whose birthday is May 3, 1977, made his first appearance in the world.
  • “Best of My Love” by The Emotions was the Billboard Top 100’s number 1 song on Aug. 30, 1977, when Marlon Byrd was born.
  • When Jeff Samardzija was born on Jan. 23, 1985, “Like a Virgin” by Madonna was the most popular song cruising through the airwaves.

Here are some more of the No. 1 songs on Cubs players’ birthdays:

  • Blake DeWitt, Aug. 20, 1985- “Shout” by Tears for Fears
  • Reed Johnson, Dec. 8, 1976- “Tonight’s the Night” by Rod Stewart
  • Casey Coleman, July 3, 1987- “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston
  • Mike Quade, March 12, 1957- “You Don’t Owe Me a Thing” by Johnnie Ray
  • Sean Marshall, Aug. 30, 1982- “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

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In the Dugout with Mike Quade video

Click image to play the second edition of “In the Dugout with Mike Quade.”

Sit in the manager’s office with Cubs skipper Mike Quade, who joins Vine Line for his second Q&A of the season. It’s more exclusive coverage you can only get with the official monthly magazine of the Chicago Cubs.

Now Playing: In the Dugout with Mike Quade

In the Dugout with Mike Quade video

Click image to play “In the Dugout with Mike Quade.”

No other publication boasts as much in-depth coverage of the Cubs as Vine Line, and our long-running In the Dugout feature is back for 2011 with new manager Mike Quade. And now you can watch Quade talk about everything from his first Opening Day at the helm, to the the team’s leaders, to his picks as a gourmet. Vine Line subscribers can look forward to the second installment of In the Dugout in the June issue, arriving in mailboxes in a couple weeks.

Keep coming back this week for more exclusive video from the Vine Line team.

The Quade Squad


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgA big day here at Wrigley Field yesterday. Longtime organizational man Mike Quade finally got his shot at skippering his own ship. Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts said they sought a manager who wanted to coach.

In Quade, general manager Jim Hendry found exactly that. The press conference was loose, and Quade kept his address pretty informal. He’s exceptionally unguarded and straightforward. But he knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. After taking 10 days off to decompress by going fishing and crabbing near his home in Bradenton, Fla., he got the call from Hendry–with blue crabs in hand.

“I had the crabs in one hand and my cell phone was ringing,” Quade said. “I looked at the number and it was Jim’s. The timing was almost comical.”

QuadeSquadsmall.JPGIn the October issue of Vine Line, we ran this sketch from our resident editorial cartoonist, Tim Souers. Indeed, it’s Quade’s squad now.

With yesterday’s announcement, it seemed only fitting that we ran it again on our blog. For more of Vine Line‘s editorial cartoons, visit our landing page at

Quade got a two-year deal, but he said money never was going to be an issue.

“There was no way I was going to let money get in the way of this [opportunity],” Quade said.

Quade’s a lunchpail kind of guy, one who admits he has only one suit and hates wearing it. But when it comes to teaching and coaching, the Chicago-area native wears both hats with ease.

“We’re going to build on the last six weeks of the season,” Quade said. “We’re going to grind it out every day…You set yourself up as an example by being involved. I plan on taking a hands-on approach [with our players].”

We’ll have more behind-the-scene photos tomorrow including some candid moments with Quade in the Cubs clubhouse.

–Michael Huang




From our family to yours: Thank you, Cubs fans

Marmol bleachers 1.JPG

The entire Cubs organization had a blast thanking fans for their tremendous support and attendance throughout the 2010 season. On Sunday, everyone from players to seasonal associates to executives chipped in to give our personal gratitude.

Players took a lap around the field and threw autographed baseballs into the crowd, like Carlos Marmol above. Ryan Dempster perched himself at third base and chucked baseballs as far as the upper deck. The fan response was tremendous.

Todd terrace 2.JPGTom, Laura and Todd Ricketts split up between all of Wrigley Field’s gates and were joined by front office associates to welcome fans before the game. I saw a number of people getting their tickets, jerseys and promotional Kernel Fabyan’s popcorn buckets signed by the Rickettses. Our team photographer, Stephen Green, captured Todd later walking around terrace reserved handing out signed-and-dated baseballs to kids, something ownership has been quietly doing all season long.

After the game, Mike Quade walked along the third base line to sign autographs and take photos with anyone whom asked.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgThe last game of the season was bittersweet: On the one hand, it’s always great to have an opportunity to celebrate the Cubs’ special bond with their fans, especially under the new ownership’s fan-friendly focus. On the other, it was hard not to look around the ballpark — the ivy changing color, the packed house, the organ music and the other little details that tend to slip by in the middle of the season — and want just another day or series or month to the season.

Hey, at least we have the 26th Cubs Convention in just 108 days. (Individual passes go on sale soon, but hotel rooms at the Hilton Chicago — with heavily discounted passes — are available now.)

— Sean Ahmed

More of Steve’s photos below the jump.


Quoting Mike Quade

Quade pitching small.JPG

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgSince he joined the Chicago Cubs organization in 2003, current interim manager Mike Quade has been one of the more colorful personalities to grace the Cubs clubhouse.

He’s always available to help you with a quote or be part of a photo shoot. He helped Sam Fuld teach a young girl with Type 1 diabetes to catch fly balls; he’s thrown batting practice to countless fan clinics.

I remember distinctly watching him in the clubhouse in 2008 shortly after the Cubs clinched the NL Central Division, cursing at former Cub Mike Fontenot after the diminutive second baseman poured a bottle of champagne over Quade’s bald head.

CUBS CLINCH 092008 DD 101small.JPG“Oh, am I going to get you, you little Cajun [expletive],” Quade yelled as he wiped the bubbly from his eyes.

An admitted “foodie”, Quade shared his love of fine dining, talking about his gastronomic experiences at such high-end establishments as The French Laundry in San Francisco, and the more Chicago-centric Le Francais in Wheeling, Ill. Now residing in Bradenton, Fla., Quade loves his seafood.

He also showed readers how to hit and throw a Chicago-style 16-inch softball. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, it was a game with which Quade had intimate knowledge.

Here are some of the more colorful quotes from Quade over the years:

On how he got his fancy taste buds:
“[When I turned 12], my parents took me to the Drake Hotel’s Old Cape Cod Room. It was delicious. It was my first fine dining experience.”

4615677184_0ecdd1ea60.jpgOn his love for cooking:“I can grill a steak. I can bake a potato. But the real challenge is trying to do some creative things in my own kitchen. I enjoy copying the chefs. I spend a lot of time watching the Food Network. I watch [chefs] on TV and talk to them at the restaurants, and I find myself asking ‘how do I prepare that?'”

4615677232_1769f30f37.jpg“These chefs are just innovative as hell. I’m fascinated by the chef’s preparation. There’s a lot of knowledge that goes into putting together a meal like that. But the also try to make the experience as enjoyable for you. So if there’s something you want, they might just do it.”

On fine dining service:
“In baseball, you talk about instinct, like if a guy knows to hold up at third or throw to second or whatever. Servers have instinct, too. They see you’re glass isn’t full, or you’re done with your plate, they immediately fill the glass and remove the dish. You pay a lot of money in these places, so you expect the servers to be attentive.” (Photos courtesy of Drake Hotel)

4615059855_6215733bfb.jpgOn asking about fine dining on the road:
“You know, I’d always ask people where can I get some really high-end seafood, and people would always refer me to Red Lobster or some Fisherman’s Wharf tourist hellhole. I don’t know if I just didn’t know the right circle of people who knew these kinds of places, but yeah, I was a little disappointed.”

On the art of playing 16″ softball:
“All you need is a bat and a ball and go have some fun. I’ve seen the coed games, but these tournaments the guys play in, they’re playing for keeps. And there’s an art to it that only the guys who play it day in, day out can do. I mean, we’re sitting here trying to see how far we can hit it, but hits like that [points to a long fly ball] are pretty, they’re really outs. Just like with our game, you value the line drive.”

SOFTBALL PHOTOS 080107 1520small.JPGGrowing up around 16″ softball:
“I’m telling you, I was around it a lot, because every park near my house in Evanston had a game going on. Then especially in the summer when this game is really big, there was always summer baseball right after your school season just ended. By the time summer baseball was over, it was too cold to play softball.”

Why he didn’t play a lot of 16″ softball:
“Everybody’s finicky, but there’s no one more finicky than baseball players and their swings. But I didn’t really play a whole lot because as a hardball guy, you didn’t want anything to affect your swing.”

Why 16″ softball symbolizes Chicago:
“It always struck me how fitting this game was for Chicago. It’s a blue-collar town, where people brought their lunchpails to work and perhaps didn’t have money to buy a glove. So they came up with a game that anyone could play, just with a bat and a ball.”

–Michael Huang

In need of a W

The clubhouse was packed this afternoon with media covering a range of topics: from the impact of Hurricane Gustav on the Louisiana-based families of Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot to the need to get back on track from a three-game losing streak.

Theriot said his family wasn’t hurt, despite severe damage to their house. Best wishes to all those who were displaced or hurt in the Southeast.

Tonight’s lineup

Soriano, LF
Fontenot, 2B
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
DeRosa, RF
Edmonds, CF
Soto, C
Theriot, SS
Zambrano, RHP

Right-hander Brandon Backe (9-12, 5.42) pitches for the Astros.

Cubs caring


Funny story from today’s school and hospital visits: WGN-Radio’s Cory Provus was asked if anyone went crazy over him by assistant director of media relations Jason Carr. Cory replied that one gentleman at Northwestern Memorial Hospital went down the line, shaking hands and greeting by name Rich Harden, Jon Lieber, Daryle Ward and Larry Rothschild. When he got to Cory, he simply looked at him and said, “Hello, Broadcaster.”

I’m pretty sure that’s not much worse than when I called Pat Hughes “Phil” this spring. You can tune in to AM 720 for more from Phil and Broadcaster tonight.

The morning went great by all accounts. Mike Quade stood out for his enthusiasm and connection to the kids at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Quade offered a lot of support and nudged them to be Cubs fans. Ringing the school bell at 7:55 a.m., Demp gave a great speech to the kids at Blaine Elementary School (Lakeview), stressing that they take school seriously and work hard.

Big thanks to all the guys for their time and support this morning.

More than a pitcher

Demp also was named the team’s Roberto Clemente Award recipient, combining “outstanding skills on the baseball field with devoted work in the community.”

One of the Cubs’ greatest personalities, Demp and his wife, Jenny, regularly invite groups to games and participate in charitable efforts. Just this year, Dempster has purchased 500 tickets for disadvantaged children and met them during batting practice. This Mother’s Day, he invited children with moms who were serving in the military as well as those women who have returned from service in the Middle East.

His sponsorship of a Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities (RBI) team and participation in various Cubs Care programs have benefited several hundred more children and victims of domestic violence.

Dempster elected to donate his $7,500 grant to Chicago Canine Rescue.