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Front office road trip

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ON LOCATION LOGO.jpgThough our team might be out of the playoff hunt that didn’t exclude the Cubs front office from enjoying a road trip up the interstate to Miller Park, the home of the division-rival Milwaukee Brewers.

About 60 front office employees and their guests made the two-and-a-half hour trip up to Milwaukee. For the last three years or so, we’ve made a trip of some sort like this. Last year it was to Peoria, to see our Class-A Chiefs and then-skipper Ryne Sandberg.

Decked out in our best Cubs blue or some facsimile thereof, we cheered on our team to a 7-1 win. The enthusiasm was overwhelming….The staff bonding was palpable….We saw a great night of hitting from first baseman Derrek Lee and a solid outing from
front office.JPGright-hander Randy Wells. Also, rookie outfielder Tyler Colvin made a spectacular catch in the ninth inning, robbing the Brewers of a home run. Colvin then caught another running line drive to center to end the game. An auspicious start for the 2006 first-round pick, indeed.

But the main attraction was Miller Park’s famous Klement’s Sausage Race. The contest traditionally pits five cased meats against one another in a foot race that can only be described as whole-hog chaos.

Unbeknownst to us, however, our own Hayley DeWitte and Vijay Tekchandani were participating in the race! They successfully kept it quiet until it started filtering out into the stands where we were sitting. For those of you who don’t

HVJ Sausages.jpgknow, Vijay serves as a community affairs assistant and Hayley is general manager Jim Hendry’s executive assistant. Hayley donned the “Hot Dog” costume, while Vijay became the “Polish”.

And they were off!

Out of the gate, Vijay the Polish had good position in the middle of the pack, but the Italian Sausage blew right by him, along with the Brat. Hayley the Hot Dog pulled up the rear of the pack. Down the home stretch, Vijay maintained his lead on the Chorizo, but the Italian and Brat were just too many lengths ahead to catch.

Alas, try as their little legs might, Vijay the Polish came in third and Hayley the Hot Dog came in a distant fifth.
race2.JPGAlas, try as their little legs might, Vijay the Polish came in third and Hayley the Hot Dog came in a distant fifth.

Despite coming up short of victory, the experience was “wurst” remembering.

“It was awesome,” Vijay said. “I was on Cloud 9. I actually false started before they said go, so I took a step back right from the start. But I was really concentrating on not falling, to be honest.”

MIke Huang