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Jim Hendry press conference on trade

On giving up Kevin Hart after today’s win: Trades are meant to help both clubs. I tried — like I always would — I tried to keep guys out of the deals you don’t want to do, like we did [Sean Gallagher]. We held on, finally if you want Rich Harden, you got to go. And certainly you guys read the stories around the country, John Grabow is a sought after guy, a perfect deadline deal. A good left-hander out of the pen, who doesn’t want that at the deadline? So I’m sure [Pirates GM Neal Huntington] had five or six other good opportunities to move him.

Hart K 073009.jpgKevin understood. He’s been a really, really good kid since the day we got him. Randy Bush had a lot to do with us getting him a few years ago when nobody knew who he was and not many scouts had him in great rating. [Bush] had seen him by accident one night at A ball, and then we traded Freddie Bynum for him at the Winter Meetings, just because we needed Freddie’s roster spot. We picked up Kevin on a flier. He’s been a real good kid. Like everybody else, he’s been inconsistent at times, and out of the pen, his walk ratio was a little high. But you know, he did a solid job for us in the starts he gave us, and we did our part and scored a lot of runs for him the last couple times.

On how today’s trade affects Sean Marshall’s usage: Sean’s doing a very good job where he’s at. I’ll let Lou [Piniella] and Larry [Rothschild] decide which way they want to go with it.

On the surplus of lefties if B.J. Ryan makes the big-league club: Ryan’s good enough to help, certainly. I remember Jimmy Leyland won a World Series, and he always used to have to have three lefties. If you can find the right three, why not? The good ones get the lefties and the righties out.


The feeling from the inside of a press conference

Ever wonder? Photo by David Durochik

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Welcome, Milton Bradley

Bradley_Milton.jpgThe Cubs front office and Chicago media just wrapped up the formal press conference and group interviews with chairman Crane Kenney, general manager Jim Hendry and new outfielder Milton Bradley.

As is the case when the ink finally dries on a deal, there were several new tidbits that came out of the press conference.

Milton emphasized several times that the Cubs were the only team to which he wanted to go. In fact, according to Hendry, the two parties first made contact on Nov. 5 or 6 over dinner. Both came away struck by the integrity of the other and the positive feel of the discussion.

After that, Hendry said he talked to “the people who count the most … the people you play with and the people you play for.” As he heard good thing after good thing — and he explored every other trade or free agency option out there — he decided on Milton as his main offensive target. It’s a testament to a lot of hard work, diligence, waiting and trust that this deal got done a full two months later.

Milton also teared up when asked about how rewarding it felt to get a long-term contract: “I try my best not to get emotional. I just remember — I didn’t call my mom because I wanted her to find out by watching TV, but she called and left me a message. And I played it back several times. You can hear her voice cracking on the message, and I just know, my mom worked 35 years as a grocery clerk … 35 years, and was able to retire a few years back. It’s just a tremendous blessing.”

On what kind of a hitter he considers himself: “My focus at the plate is just to try to get on base. A lot of people say they’re trying to get a hit or hit in the gap or whatever, I’m just trying to get on base. I’m going to try to make a pitcher throw me three strikes. If I get the first strike, and it’s a good one and that’s what I want, then I’ll hit that one. But for the most part I want to make the pitcher work, and I want to get a strike to hit.”