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The Road To Wrigley: Iowa comes to Chicago

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for INSIDE THE IVY LOGO.jpgIt’s often a long road for a lot of minor-leaguers to travel, but they do it because playing in the major leagues has been a lifelong dream.

Today at Wrigley Field, some of the Triple-A Iowa Cubs players and coaches just soaked up their big-league surroundings before their game against the Las Vegas 51’s in the second annual Road to Wrigley game.

Last year featured the Cubs’ low Class-A affiliate, the Peoria Chiefs, including current Iowa hitting coach Desi Wilson, who served as Peoria’s hitting coach last year. He is the only repeat participant, but it doesn’t make the experience any less special.

“I just love seeing how the players respond,” Wilson said. “But it’s great for the fans to see some of the organization’s prospects.”

However, with Iowa just three and a half games out of first in the Triple-A Pacific Coast League’s North Division, the game still is a game–one they must win.

“We try to tell the guys that it is just another game,” said Iowa Cubs manager Bobby Dickerson. “But I’ll tell you what–this is special, and I am going to try my darndest to get as many guys in as I possibly can. Not everyone can make the big leagues. For some guys, this could be the closest they ever get.”

DICKERSON SANDBURG small.JPGSo it probably would be great for the Iowa Cubs to get out to a 14-0 lead by the third inning so Dickerson could sub guys in at will, right?

“Heh, well I wish it were that easy,” he laughed. “But there are places where I can pick and choose to bring some guys in.”

Last year featured Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg (pictured, left), who managed the Peoria Chiefs and is now the manager of the Cubs’ Double-A affiliate, the Tennessee Smokies. This year it was Dickerson’s (pictured, right)  turn at the helm.

“Heck, this might be the only time I’m up here, but hopefully not,” Dickerson said. “Desi made it up to the bigs as a player. I never did. So I’m just going to enjoy the heck out of this.”

For some Iowa Cubs, being at Wrigley Field was more than de ja vu. They’ve actually been here already this year. I-Cubs like right-handers Justin Berg, Mitch Atkins and infielder Bobby Scales all have seen cups of coffee with the big club this year. Heck, first baseman Micah Hoffpauir–who was optioned Aug. 7 to make room for Geovany Soto–still has his old locker. 

Clubhouse attendants Rich Rupp, Gary Stark and Tim Hellmann sheeted off the big-leaguers’ lockers with plastic and ran a steel rod the length of both walls for the minor-leaguers to hang their clothes. I patted Hoffpauir on the back to sort of “welcome” him back.

“So, Hoffy, it’s like you never left! But you can’t use your old locker?” I asked.

“Well, I didn’t want to ruin the delicate plastic sheets in front of them,” he laughed, pointing to his big-league jersey lurking just behind the I-Cubs jersey hanging on the steel rod. “But really it’s not that big a deal. And a lot of these guys have been here before earlier in the year, so for them it’s old hat. But for the new guys it’s great to see their faces as they walk out on to the field. Because [Wrigley Field] is an awe-inspiring place.”

Iowa Cubs general manager Sam Bernabe said: “For the Iowa Cubs organization, the game is extremely exciting. I’ve been in town two or three times in the past couple of weeks and to see our logo all over the place promoting the game, it’s incredible.”

Mike Huang

Back home

Nice to have some baseball back at Wrigley Field! The Cubs start a seven-game homestand today, including the July 30 makeup date against the Astros.

Fukudome, CF
Theriot, SS
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
Bradley, RF
Soriano, LF
Fontenot, 2B
Hill, C
Wells, RHP

Right-hander Aaron Harang (5-10, 4.17 ERA) pitches for the Reds.

Chicago sights

All-star left-hander Ted Lilly attended last night’s PAWS Chicago 2009 Beach Party on North Ave. All proceeds benefitted PAWS Chicago’s humane efforts.

Putting on the big show

You can still get great seats from just $5 to this year’s Road to Wrigley game, pitting the Triple-A Iowa Cubs against the Las Vegas 51s on Sunday, Aug. 9 at 1:20 p.m. There will be loads of mascots, food and drink specials, inexpensive parking and, of course, kids run the bases after the game.

Road to Wrigley

With over 30,000 tickets sold for tonight’s Class-A game at Wrigley Field, it’s safe to say tonight will be a special game for a lot of people:

The fans who have never seen a minor-league game; those that drove up from Peoria, Ill; families who will be treated to a big-league ballpark at minor-league prices; the player development staff who get to see their hard work on a big stage; and of course the players who walked out of the clubhouse tunnel wide eyed.

Much of the fanfare is for Ryne Sandberg, who has done a great job with the organization’s 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds in his one and a half seasons at Peoria. He was the focus of a pregame media session with as many reporters and TV cameras as Lou Piniella gets before a typical Cubs game. Even he couldn’t help but say, “Wow, this is a big deal, isn’t it?”

Ryno answered questions ranging from his feelings being back to what he is telling his players to take away from this to the fight his team was involved in — in his absence — last week.

I’ll be in attendance tonight, updating the blog a couple times with impressions of the minor-league atmosphere and some quotes from the Chiefs. I’m excited to hear about the experience from two different perspectives: the players getting the Wrigley Field experience and the fans who are experiencing minor-league fan-friendliness for the first time. I’ve already heard about the dance routines, mascots, t-shirt giveaways and water baloons.

Here’s hoping I get a little splash of cool water — it’s hot out there!