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Great views

Both teams have completed their practices, with the Red Wings using the last 45 minutes of their skate time to go around the ice with their families.

Players from both teams commented on how “surreal” the experience was, many of them reminded of playing outdoors as a kid. The ice was said to be fast and a bit chippy at the end — leading some players to think there might be a higher ratio of shots to passes than normal. Blackhawks defenseman Brian Campbell said that the heavy skating should help the ice crew really improve things for tomorrow.

But it was the sun that drew the most comments, as it created the shadows-to-bright spot trouble that we see at Wrigley Field during late summer afternoons. Some are expecting to switch to tinted visors if the sky ends up being clear tomorrow.

Finally, I mentioned how there are some great seats in the house. Here’s a picture from the upper deck a few days ago. Are you ready?

122908 upper deck view web.jpg