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Classic rivalry

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It’s Cubs/Cardinals, so it’s only fitting Vine Line staff photographer Steve Green offers not one, but two photos of the week for 1,000 words.

LarussaLou.jpgThis shot was taken during batting practice when the Cardinals had come out to take their turn in the cage, and the Cubs were making there way back into the clubhouse. Cubs manager Lou Piniella (left) and Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa came together and just started talking about baseball.

 It was one of those moments where you just wanted to stay quiet and unseen and observe two of the best in the business swap stories and obviously enjoy each other’s company. In only an hour they would be adversaries instead of compadres.

I kept myself turned sideways facing the batting cage and waited for the right moment and turned around and took three frames. I don’t think they ever noticed me. I like this one the best because of the smiles and the upbeat feel to it.


Ramirez walkoff.jpgAnd then last night Aramis Ramirez was up to his late-inning heroics. What a win. He has a knack for hitting walk-off home runs. In 2007, we used the home plate celebration of one of his walk-off homers for the cover of our 2007 National League Division Series program and 2008 schedule.

 –Steve Green

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